Master's in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education (SPAHE)

Concordia University Ann Arbor's Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education program prepares those pursuing a career of service in higher education to bring a faith-based approach to their positions as administrators. This program applies to a wide variety of roles, including but not limited to assistant deans, deans in admission, residence life, student activities, academic advising, diversity, athletics, and campus ministry.

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Relevant education for a remarkable campus culture

Prepare yourself to create a world-class campus environment in this transformative and relevant program. Learn from real student affairs professionals who bring with them a treasury of personal experience and inspirational insight. More than that, enroll in a program that provides timely education that helps you navigate and impact campus culture in an often rewarding, turbulent, modern day environment.

what to expect

Program features

  • Courses are designed for working professionals, with classes held year-round and only one night per week.
  • Class material is a blend of educational theory and a practical application to student affairs and athletics.
  • Material learned is easily applied to current or future work in higher education.
  • Field experience is integrated through internships and course assignments.
  • Complete a traditional thesis or a capstone project and a portfolio.
  • Students are admitted yearly in the fall and completion time is about two years.
  • Current students and graduates of the SPAHE program have careers in various areas of higher education such as: academic advising, admissions, student life, residence life, financial aid, campus activities, international education, and athletics.
Cost per credit

$1000s in scholarships
available to adult and
post-traditional learners

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We’re excited to offer Uncommon Scholarships exclusively for adult and post-traditional learners.
Ranging from $150-$500 per three-credit course, these scholarships are available to:

  • Employees of our corporate and academic partners
  • Concordia alumni
  • Current students of Concordia University-Portland
  • Transfer students from Holy Family College
  • Veterans and their dependents
  • Employees of qualifying Christian schools and churches

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Courses are offered 100% online.

Yes! Concordia University’s Master of Science in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education courses are designed for working professionals, with classes held year-round and only one night per week.

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