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Online master's degree in digital humanities

Take the next step in your calling and your career by expanding your digital skillset.  Our fully online, self-paced master's program can be completed in less than two years and will grant you the opportunity to refine your interests in the humanities, while simultaneously developing the technical skills required for the current job market. 

You will graduate career or Ph.D. ready with your choice between either a hands-on practicum or a graduate thesis.


Self-paced courses let you finish your coursework when it's convenient for you. No need to quit your day-job.


New courses every 8-weeks let you fast-track your master's. Complete our 30-credit program in 2-years or less.

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Learn to code, create, and communicate

Wondering what digital skills you can expect to add to your repertoire?

Graduates of our digital humanities program will be able to:

  1. Use Python to code and understand the fundamentals of programming languages
  2. Use Adobe Creative Suite to create content appropriate for social media, print, and digital publications
  3. Understand the stories data tells with the ability to create, use, and analyze data visualizations
  4. Create, use, and analyze geographical information systems in order to make informed decisions
  5. Use digital rhetorical strategies for collaborating and communicating with specific audiences (colleagues, potential clients, customers, parishioners, etc.)
  6. Create and use digital archives

Fully online coursework

Tailor your degree to meet your goals with your electives and personal projects

Customizable electives & your choice between a thesis or practicum

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Danielle has always been an art enthusiast, which led her to achieve a bachelor’s degree in art history. After graduation, she soon realized she wanted to hone in on her expertise and develop more of a digital skillset. In order to establish an online gallery of her favorite curated pieces, she chose to pursue a digital humanities masters degree. Danielle now leads her curation team at the Frankfort Art Museum, which now has a brand new online experience that brings in audiences from around the world.


Chaz has always had a passion for design, data and analytics, which made him the perfect candidate for a bachelor’s degree in UX Design. While his four-year schooling prepared him to enter the industry, he wanted to enhance his education. Chaz has learned how to better humanize his data with a master of digital humanities. He has now built a robust portfolio of clientele that he develops prototypes and personas for while running his own business.


Stacy is an avid book reader who particularly enjoys historical and medieval contexts. Her knack for organization and systems also led her to major in English and minor in library science. Her ultimate dream is to earn her Ph.D. in English literature. Stacy pursued a master’s degree in digital humanities to give her a broad foundation to prepare her for her next steps. Stacy was able to research cultural and relevant topics while refining her current skill set. Stacy is on her way to achieving her goal of earning a doctorate. 

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