Online ESL certification programs

No matter where you're at in your journey, Concordia’s fully online ESL endorsement program will prepare you fully to teach English as a second language. You’ll learn relevant teaching strategies to effectively lead instruction in academic English comprehension and understanding through online coursework and in-person field experience while building your portfolio to demonstrate growth and competency in ESL teaching standards.

No matter which path you choose you will graduate a master in second language methodology, equipped with relevant research-based teaching strategies, ready to teach English as a Second Language in grades K-12.

Our program paths:

  • Add-on ESL endorsement only
  • Add-on ESL endorsement + master's
  • Initial Michigan teaching certificate with ESL

8-week courses make obtaining your ESL certification simple, and you won't have to quit your job

Multiple program pathways, flexible online classes, and our generous credit-transfer policy let you tailor the program to meet your needs

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Pick your ESL certification pathway

Our 21-credit English as a Second Language (NS) endorsement only pathway is for current teachers interested in obtaining only the Michigan Endorsement in the area of English as a Second Language for grades k-12. The credit requirements are broken up into seven convenient online courses.

A current Michigan Teaching Certificate is required to take this branch of the program.

If you're already a teacher and hold a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate, you have the option to combine your add-on ESL endorsement with a master's degree in curriculum and instruction (MSCI). The master's program is a 30-credit program for certified K-12 educators seeking a master's degree in addition to the endorsement in ESL. Three additional courses are required in addition to the seven required for the ESL endorsement. Eligible students may qualify for financial aid. 

If you do not currently hold a Michigan teaching certificate but you hold a bachelor's degree, Concordia's online program for teacher certification makes it possible to become a teacher through convenient online courses. The 30-credit program earns you both an initial teacher certification in your chosen grade band(s) and your Master of Science in curriculum and instruction (MSCI) in one convenient program.  

Simply choose your grade band(s)* for your initial teacher certification and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification as well as the ESL test for teacher competency in order to be certified in k-12 ESL.

Grade band options:

  • Lower Elementary (PreK-3rd grade)
  • Upper Elementary (3rd - 6th grade)
  • Middle Secondary (5th - 9th grade)
  • Upper Secondary (7th-12th grade)

*New educators may choose to add an additional grade band to their initial certification with just two additional courses.

Eligible students may qualify for financial aid. 

Cost per credit
  • MDE-Approved Provider
  • Higher Learning Commission
  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator                      Preparation (CAEP

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Frequently asked questions

Students are required to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Competence in English as a Second Language before becoming certified to teach ESL by the MDE.

In addition to passing the MTTC-ESL, students seeking initial certification must pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification.

Students seeking an add-on endorsement will be prepared for their MTTC -ESL throughout the program curriculum and ESL coursework. 

Students who are seeking initial teacher certification are not required to take ESL coursework in order to earn their degree or endorsement but can get assistance studying for the MTTC-ESL exam through test prep and personal tutoring, with the option to take ESL courses.